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Thousands of people suffer the trauma of a sharps injury each year in South African healthcare facilities

Daniels began its commitment to South African healthcare workers by forming a Joint Venture with leading medical waste treatment company Compass Medical Waste Services to deliver safer sharps management systems.


Disease risk in South Africa

One of the factors influencing the risk of a healthcare worker getting disease from a sharps injury is the number of their patients who are positive for the disease. In South Africa the risk is higher than in many first-world countries because in South Africa, the percentage of patients with HIV is higher. In first-world countries less than 2% of patients are HIV positive, but in South African hospitals the rate can be as high 70%, or even 90%. The higher rate of HIV positive patients means a higher risk of a healthcare worker contracting the disease through sharps injuries.

...the introduction of Sharpsmart has contributed to a verifiable reduction in Needle Stick injuries.
Catherine Stokoe
Northumbria Healthcare NHS Trust, UK, Specialist Infection Control Nurse

Worldwide search

Compass Medical Waste Services, realising the difficulty of hospitals funding expensive safety devices, researched the issue worldwide and found that even with the use of safety devices the majority of sharps injuries occur after the use of the sharp on the patient. The solution became clear – if South African healthcare workers had a superior disposal mechanism for their sharp items, they would suffer fewer injuries.

An affordable safety device

The exciting revelation was that an effective sharps disposal system could cost far less than other safety devices. Daniels Sharpsmart is such a system, and it has a proven record of reducing sharps injuries internationally.

Helping the helpers

Daniels and Compass are committed to reducing sharps injuries, and resulting disease transmission, amongst South African healthcare workers and are working towards rapid introduction of the Daniels Sharpsmart system throughout South African hospitals.

Sharpsmart Reusable Container System

Safe and environmentally responsible sharps management.

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Sharpsmart video

Video outlining the features & benefits and usage instructions for the Sharpsmart sharps management system.